Your College Leaders Can Double The Number of Students Who Land Good Jobs

College Leadership regularly makes decisions about how the various departments and employees will spend their time and effort and how much money will be made available. This small group at the top of every college structure has the ability to help more students get off to a better start in their careers.

Before making a decision about changes that would increase student job hunting success, College Leaders should first answer eight questions:

1. Are your College Leaders ‘highly motivated’ to help more students land good jobs? (If your College Leaders are not fully committed to improving student employment success, STOP HERE.)

2. Are your College Leaders willing to retain an Outside Consultant who will work closely with the Team to help guide and expedite the entire project?

3. Will your College Leaders quickly identify the Team Members who will be assigned the responsibility for investigating and recommending the improvements, best practices, changes, tools, techniques and activities that will ensure better student employment outcomes? Team Members to be included:

a. A Well-Known and Highly Respected Vice President or College Leader

should be selected to serve as the full-time Team Leader for the

Investigation, Recommendation and Implementation phases

b. The Director of Career Services

c. Two Respected Department Heads – From a different areas of the college

d. Two well-known Student Leaders – From a different majors

e. One Recent Graduate who struggled to find and land a good job

f. One Campus Recruiter from a Major Employer

g. An Outside Consultant who will help lead this project

4. Will College Leaders make it possible for the Team to present their findings and recommendations not later than six months from their first meeting?

5. Will your College Leaders welcome, support and implement the team’s recommendations for helping students prepare for a desirable employment outcome?

6. Will your College Leaders become visibly involved and play a critical role in breaking down any barriers and handling any problems or objections that may slow or interfere with the implementation process?

7. Will College Leaders make it possible for the implementation process to begin immediately upon acceptance of the recommendations? (Note: Implementation should be broken into steps and changes that will take place over the next three years.)

8. Will Aegean College Leaders encourage Team Members to seek and obtain input and honest feedback from students and recent grads about their needs and experiences?

A Place To Start – When these questions are answered in the affirmative, the Team can begin to look into the areas suggested below:

1. What is the current size, structure and effectiveness of the Career Services Department?

– How can the department be restructured to help many more students?

– What duties should be reduced or eliminated?

* Activities that contribute little to student employment success

* Reduce one-on-one activities in favor of more group activities

* Reduce manual activities in favor of automated activities

– What new or different personnel assignments should be considered?

– What metrics should be used to measure progress and effectiveness?

– What models, examples, lists, steps, ideas, suggestions, databases etc. should be made available to students?

– What are current and former students saying about the services provided?

– What part-time jobs should be created for talented, upper class students who will help with this project? (Information Gathering, Recordkeeping, Job Identification, Automation, Data Analysis, Student Contact, Coaching, Information Distribution, etc.)

2. What is the current employment success rate (students obtain a good job in their field of interest) for students in ‘each major’ offered by your college?

3. The College Community includes underutilized people, departments and organizations that can and should be helping students prepare to land a job that will launch their careers. Some of these include:

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