Two Exercises to Increase Grip and Forearm Strength For Baseball

Strong grip and forearms are essential to becoming a successful baseball player.

Why? Because the hands and forearms are put under such stress every game and every practice.

Whether it is fielding a ground ball, swinging the bat, or throwing, the hands and forearms play a large role (much larger than most pay attention to).

If you don’t have a strong grip, it is very difficult to become a successful baseball player. Just look at all of the top players in the game: Albert Pujols, Jose Bautista, and Josh Hamilton (just to name a few) all have massive forearms.

Many players know that they must have strong forearms, tri grip weight plate but they do not know what exercises to perform. Because grip training for baseball is such uncharted territory, many players are misinformed by coaches and trainers who haven’t done their research.

Because of all the misinformation, many players disregard grip and forearm training all together, which is a huge mistake.

I’m going to teach you two very simple exercises that require very minimal equipment, and have a very strong effect on grip and forearm strength.

1)¬†Towel pull up bar hangs. This exercise is pretty self-explanatory; the equipment required is a towel, and something to hang from (preferably a pull up bar for safety reasons, but if you can find something similar and it’s safe, go for it).

You are going to hang the towel over the pull up bar, so that you can grab both sides of the towel with your hands. Now, simply hang. This seems very simple, but your hands and forearms will be screaming for mercy after a short time.

You can hold for a set amount of time, and then try to beat it the next time. Do this two to three times per week and you will see dramatic increases in grip strength.

2) Plate pinches. For this exercise, you will need gym access or weight plates.

Again, this is fairly simple. Grab two to three 5-10 pound plates in one hand, gripping by the top of the plate with your fingers (you can adjust the weight depending on your strength level and the width of the plates). Hold for time, just like the towel hangs.

This exercise is great for increasing forearm and wrist strength, which we know is critical for baseball players.

I hope you guys benefit from these exercises by implementing them in your routines!

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