The Dark Mysterious Sound of the Cello

The cello is a member of the violin family and looks like a larger version of the violin. It is played with a bow, has four strings, is hollow and is made with different kinds of wood. The strings, however, differ from the violin in that the highest sounding string in is the A string, the next is the D string, then comes the G string and then the lowest string is the C string. The cello is too big to be played by resting it on one’s shoulder, so it is set on the floor on its supporting endpin with the neck of the violin being held in the player’s hand, with the musician sitting on a chair behind it. The instrument is usually played with the bow in the right hand and the left hand is manipulating the strings to get the desired notes.

The cello could be seen as a more flexible string instrument than the violin in that the upper strings can be adjusted in order to adapt it to play older classical pieces. Part of the reason for this flexibility could be attributed to the loss of an older type of cello that had five strings.

Today’s cello only has four so adaptations have to be made on occasion. The range on this particular instrument is quite extensive as a result of its flexibility and like the violin it comes in many different sizes in order to fit the different sized people who play the instrument. Also like the violin, the professional cello for sale is made out of different materials instead of one piece of wood. Spruce, maple, willow and poplar are the favored types of wood used in making cellos. As a result of the size of the cello, there is a brass bar that is placed under the top of the cello in order to support its weight. As mentioned before, the cello is hollow inside and because of its size a little extra support is needed.

It is believed that the cello originated from the base violin, which was a three stringed instrument, and became extremely popular in the 1700s. It is a fairly new instrument compared to other string and percussion instruments that were used long before the cello was created, but it does not take away from the richness and grace the cello shares when used to play classical music. It is surprising that a relatively young instrument would be just as elegant as the violin.

While it has been used in other types of music, such as some rock and pop, on occasion, its elegance is best for the classical genre and is largely used in orchestras and symphonies. This is not to say that it can’t be used for just about any kind of music. It can be a wonderful addition to the background of just about any kind of music because of its deep, rich sound. The cello is an extremely flexible instrument and can be adapted to just about any kind of genre.

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