Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 6 – Planting the Seed

In prophetic evangelism, it’s easier not to identify yourself as a Christian and simply walk away though it serves not a great purpose. Not every person knows unless you tell them that you’re a Christian and the messages come from Christ. Not every message that you share prophetically through evangelism, through your prophetic gifting with strangers includes the word Christ or Jesus in it. There may be nothing in the message that gives the idea that Jesus is a part of who you are or part of the message.

Therefore, how could you say prophetic evangelism if you’re not sharing Jesus? I find that I shared getting the word from God is shared in Chapter 3. That I approach people and say, “Excuse me, I’ve got a gift and sometimes that gift allows me to get a message for a person, today I’ve got a message for you. Can I share it?” They allowed me to share it and at the end of it I say, “Now, that may have sounded like I am a clairvoyant but I am not a clairvoyant or a psychic. I am actually a Christian with the gift of prophecy and God wanted you to know that today and so be blessed and if that works out for you, you know, thank God for that working out.”

I’ll add something simple like that to tell them to turn their eyes on Jesus when the situation works out for them. So, I find that that’s my way of planting seeds. One day I was at a prophetic church and the prophetic people there said “I am like a ship sailing up the Nile River,” and I said, “From time to time, I’d unload cargo off my ship and then I’d keep on going down the river and didn’t seem to be coming back to anywhere where I dropped off. The Lord wanted me to know that I was delivering cargo to fertile ground,” and they asked me do I know what that means and I said, “Yeah, all the time I am given prophetic messages to strangers and yet only once so far I have ever met that stranger again.”

All the hundreds of times I’ve done it, I’ve never met the people again and I often wonder how effective the words were. The Prophets says that everyone that you’ve given a message to, God has already been working on their hearts and will continue to work on their hearts. You’re planting seed in fertile ground. When you flow in the gift of Request prophetic word evangelism and you’re gifted in it, you can be rest assured that God will only single out the people in the message.

Single out the people as you go from day-to-day that shine and stand out. You’ll only single out people that He wants them to have a message and He wants to plant a seed in their life and fertilize that seed; fertilize it.

He won’t be wasting you, such a precious commodity to Him on people that are obstinate and never are going to accept the Gospel; never say yes to Jesus Christ call in their life. So, you have to understand the part of planting the seed is to tell them a direction from where the message came from and give them insight that it didn’t come from a clairvoyant or some ascendant master that witchcraft uses, or a spirit guide, but it came from Jesus Christ Himself; through a Christian’s mouth. So that they know that if they ever wanted another prophetic word, they may approach Christians and ask someone who is gifted in the gift of prophecy.

I find that most times I plant that seed, I share that it came from me as a Christian and as a gift of Jesus in my life and for them to be blessed, and give their thanks to God when it comes through. So, I hope you can find your own way, in your own words to share with people where the message came from.

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