Phones for Cash – Earn Extra Cash for Selling Your Old Mobile Phones

It has been estimated that millions of used phones worldwide are simply thrown into the garbage or collecting dust and dirt in cupboards or drawers as people still don’t realize that every phone whether damaged or undamaged has a value. You will be paid depending on the level of damage your mobile has.

There are specialized online recycling companies that can offer a substantial amount for your used mobile whether it is working or not. They can pay you up to 50% of the original cost for your used mobile.These companies usually pay $1 to $500 for your old handsets depending upon the condition of your phones. So now is the perfect time to dig out all your old phones from your cupboards or drawers and send them to these companies. Even if you have broken or very old phones; send them as well as they too have some value.

It’s very easy to recycle your old mobile for cash. Simply, collect as many used cells as you can, find few mobile recycle companies which can be found online quickly. Then, you select your phone on their sites and compare the prices. Make the best deal available and get most of the money possible for your old mobile. You just need to fill out the required information available on site and send your cell to the postal address provided to you. Once your phone is received, it will be checked over by experts, they will adjust the value as per the condition of your mobile phone and a cheque will be delivered to your postal address usually within 2-7 business days. Even if you have a business somewhat related to mobile handyreparatur berlin and have a huge pile of used phones, simply check out their value online and send them to get cash. Most phone recyclers accept any volume of mobile for cash.

It’s really easy to generate revenue from your old mobiles and at the same time you are recycling your old cell phone, you are doing your bit to save the environment.


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