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Home Building Management – Three Reasons to Pick a Coach Over a Contractor

Managing a home building project is a daunting task. Most people do not feel confident enough to take on the challenge. Yet, many are looking for a way to avoid using a General Contractor who takes over their home-building project.

Whether it is because they want more control, money savings, or they’re concerned about stories of unscrupulous builders, the fact remains that many look for ways to manage their own dream building project. Are you thinking of being an owner builder? Would you like to know a better management solution than hiring a General Contractor?

How Does a Home Building Coach Differ From a General Contractor?

Custom home building coaches are different than General Contractors (GC) but they provide much of the same benefits. With a GC you give away control of your project. With a coach you retain control. The coach becomes your employee yet, the coach brings the knowledge of a builder at a savings which is a huge advantage.

As an owner builder, getting management help is crucial. I strongly advise it. You can hire a GC, yes, but then you are no longer an owner builder and you lose the potential benefits. Many people are better off hiring a custom homebuilding coach.

Here Are The Three Main Reasons To Hire a Coach instead of a GC

1. Less Expensive: Since you are your own builder, your coach charges as a consultant, not a “builder in charge”. The coach’s liability is greatly reduced. Also, the coach’s time involvement is less because rather than executing things himself, the coach instructs and guides you to perform most of the management. Less time and lower liability lowers the fees.

2. You Get More Stuff: The savings you receive by London using a coach allows you to buy more of what you want in the home. Upgrades end up quite a bit cheaper when there is no GC to call them “upgrades”. In addition, certain changes you seek during construction can cost less than a GC might charge for them.

3. Less Tension, More Enjoyment: The coach empowers YOU. With a GC you relinquish that power and many of your choices. This can lead to not getting what you want as well as eventually to estrangement with your GC. When communication suffers, enjoyment goes out the window. A coach is your support, your confidante, and your brains. The relationship is completely different.

Assess Your Desires

What’s your goal? Are these benefits important to you? Do you have the time to perform some tasks on your own? Some people are willing to forgo these benefits to reduce their involvement. That’s okay. Just remember that when you do, you run the risk of a frustrating project, not getting what you wanted, and paying more than you need to.

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