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Baby Doll Accessories For Your Newborn Baby Doll

If you have a newborn baby doll, then you will definitely need some baby doll accessories to have the most fun and satisfaction from your unique and beautiful man-made child. Just like any other child, you can’t expect your newborn doll to go around in the same swaddling clothes he or she was “born” in – can you?

Some who have spent a considerable sum on their newborn often cringe at the thought of spending a dime more on accessories – but you can get away fairly cheap, if you know how to shop. Plus, what is the fun if you can’t “accessorize” your surrogate child? Here are a few ideas for you to think about;

This holiday season, American reborn dolls cheap accessories and baby doll accessories make a great gift for that special little one! With the amazing array of 18″ doll accessories available, they will spend hours playing with these unique and affordable gifts!

Baby Doll Clothing Be ready to enjoy the seasons in style with an outfit for every occasion. Spring is the season for rebirth, so I feel it’s appropriate to start with comfortable, yet warm spring clothes for your reborn doll. The cold of winter is mostly a memory now, and the heat of summer hasn’t yet arrived, so think long sleeves and something to cover your baby’s feet.

When summer finally arrives, short pants, light tops and bare feet are what I suggest. You should be ready for a summer cloud buster, so have a nice, sturdy umbrella ready, and don’t work about taking baby to the fair, baseball game or simply out for an evening stroll.

Fall may just be the best of the four seasons with warm days and cool nights. That’s why I suggest a heavier set of shorts plus a jacket and warm socks for those cool evenings out. Remember to keep your lifelike doll out of direct sunshine – so she won’t get sunburned!

If you live in a climate where winter comes roaring back, it’s best to provide full-length pants plus a long-sleeved shirt or sweater for baby. Socks and shoes are always a good idea, and don’t forget to have a warm comforter in the crib for those cool winter nights.

Furniture Your newborn baby doll will need, at the very least, these items; a good bassinet or infant crib, a high chair for taking meals, and a stroller if you ever anticipate going out for walks. Of course, there are plenty of other furniture accessories you can get to fill your home – dressers, tables and every imaginable play-furniture piece that your mind could ever imagine!

Shoes Even though I mentioned shoes and socks above, I think that shoes may be important enough to mention all by themselves. For around the house, I like to get a pair of heavy socks. These can function as slippers, and keep your child’s feet warm – and they’re cheap! For going outside when it’s cool or cold, you will always want a pair of shoes, or just keep baby’s feet totally wrapped and warm!

Even though your newborn baby doll is just that – a doll, there’s no reason to cheap out and have nothing else to play with. There are more baby doll accessories available that can make your reborn doll so much more enjoyable that I could write a book!

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