A Prophetic Army is Coming

Paul the apostle taught that the best gift was prophecy. Paul admonished us to covet the best gifts. The gift of prophecy is alive and well in the world as psychics and clairvoyants lead people astray who line up with their money seeking direction and happiness.

But no matter what the world is doing the Request prophetic word Lord is raising up an army of people gifted in the prophetic. He is raising up people to walk into their streets and prophesy to strangers in the marketplace. He wants us to have profound moments with all the non Christians speaking life and hope into their lives and their futures. This might not be winning them to the Lord on the spot but planting a very substantial seed in their life.

I run a prophetic site on the Internet that offers free personal prophecy on the net. Today as I sent out 34 prophecy requests this week, I found an email from and atheist who was seeking some answers for his life off one of our people gifted in the prophetic. My heart was warmed with joy of the Lord. For this is the reason and my hope for my site in the future that on one day we can advertise the site in a paper.

We all know how awesome the Lord Jesus was with the women at the well. It was Jacob’s well. He told her how many husbands she had had. And suddenly her next words were that she perceived he was a prophet.

To those of you who are Pentecostal who have the gift of tongues, who want the gift of prophecy, I invite you to write to me and ask for me to pray for you to receive the gift of prophecy. Please just take the time and come and get the gift imparted off a prophet.

Why don’t you join the army and go out and speak life into a hurting world. People want answers, and in these times of uncertainty they want something or someone that they can depend on. Stocks and companies are collapsing all over the place. Banks are failing and all manner of things are happening in the world to make people doubt and fear the life that is ahead of them. What if you could speak life and a future into their life?

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